Our Team of Brokers

One of the most important, if not the most important factor in the sale or purchase of real estate is the real estate consultant you work with.

To paraphrase what we hear all too often on the television, “Having the right broker; Priceless! Most people are mistaken in their belief that a large firm is better. They have so many more agents than the boutique companies have, and that is important, isn’t it? Truth be told, you should not be fooled by size. When you work with a large firm you will be working with only one agent, not the entire firm. When you work with One Manhattan, you will work with our entire team.

One Manhattan Real Estate enjoys a unique team of sales and rental brokers. In addition to their extensive knowledge of the Manhattan real estate most of our agents have a rich background in the arts, design, marketing and business, all of which helps every agent to be more rounded individuals with the ability to view the Manhattan market from a more creative perspective.

Since One Manhattan is a boutique Real Estate company, if you are selling, our agents will make sure your property will get individual attention, regardless of it is a small studio or a single family on Park Avenue. If you are buying our board package specialists will help you to produce a comprehensive, professional document that will help you sail through the approval process quickly & easily.

Renters can work with our leasing specialists that have access to all the current listings throughout the city. They will be able to assist you in finding the perfect fit for your needs and dreams.

If you are a landlord with apartments to rent, you can be assured that a One Manhattan agent will market your property in all of the right places and you can rest assured that our agent will find you a qualified tenant quickly. Our superior knowledge of the leasing market will allow you to rest assured that you will also get the best tenant and get the best possible rent.

Knowledge Breeding Success

At One Manhattan Real Estate we believe in knowledgeable and educated consultants.

Every buyer and renter have individual needs, that include price range, finding the best schools for their children, special amenities that they may want and most of all the location that serves them best, among other criteria. Our complete understanding of the market, on a current updated basis, allows us to quickly research all of the factors that will make life easier even after the sale or leasing process has long been concluded.

For the seller our market expertise will make the decision process seem simple, when it comes to pricing and preparing their home for sale. The listing, sale and closing process will appear seamless and smooth.

Placement & Affiliates

Everyday sees new methods of media placements for properties to be marketed. One Manhattan Real Estate is investing its time and funds in exploring the new media placements and advertising tools that come to life every day.

From New York Times ads to customized smart advertising on Google, to our broker affiliates, we will doing everything possible to make sure your property is in front of the buyer.

List Your Home With One Manhattan